Screen Science by AVS

AVS has their own line of competitively priced acoustically transparent projection screens



Acoustically Transparent
Average audio loss less than 1.5 db – no equalizer needed.

Smooth Finish
Ultra HD V6 Screen Material has a superb matte surface without any speckle or reflective artifacts. This makes it suited for 8K and Beyond.

Matte White
The Ultra HD V6 fabric is matte white with a true .8 Gain, meaning light will bounce off the fabric in a uniform manner. You get a full 160 degree viewing angle, allowing the audience to be seated anywhere in the room without experiencing off-axis light-reduction. Also, this type of screen-material does not cause visible artifacts when using active 3D-glasses.

Accurate Color
The Screen Acoustics Ultra HD V6 has been carefully tuned to make certain as much light as possible is maintained from the projector when calibrated to 6500K. You get accurate color with no color shifting.

Triple Layer Backing
The integrated black backing in addition to increasing perceived contrast, absorbs excessive light, preventing halos. This multi layer construction is very unique and protected by a patent.

Available in popular frame sizes, but if you want to build you own screen, the material is available by itself.

Standard frame sizes

16:9 Sizes (width in inches)
90″ 100″ 110″ 120″ 130″ 140″ 150″ 160″ 170″

2.37:1 Scope sizes (width in inches)
90″ 100″ 110″ 120″ 130″ 140″ 150″ 160″ 170″ 180″

Custom sizes are also available. Contact us for details.

Zoom showing screen material structure