Partner Program Registration

Partner Program Registration

AV Science would like to offer you incentive rewards. As you know, AVS partners with industry leaders to provide our clients with current AV technology and equipment, in addition to being certified as a NYS Women Business Enterprise.  When you refer a colleague to us, we would like to thank you with a monetary gift, as well as discounts on your own future endeavors.  

As a specialized AV integrator, AVS can provide system design, high tech equipment pricing, automation programming and professional installation services.

We greatly appreciate any referrals sent our way and welcome the opportunity to assist you with upcoming projects, especially those with WBE utilization goals for state and federal projects.


  • In order to receive AVS partner program incentives, your company must register for the Partner Program prior to AVS submitting their initial invoice for the referred project. The customer must be able to confirm you are the entity who referred them to us.
  • AVS Partner Program offers an incentive of $250 for sales over $5,000.00. This applies only to that customer’s first purchase. We encourage partners to submit new customers for further one-time referral incentives.
  • Additional Partner Program Incentives include: Sub-contractor labor discounts as follows: 10% off AVS labor for your first project, and an additional 5% off all AVS labor for the 12 month period after your first project contract is signed.
    Change order discounts during this 12 month period are subject to AVS approval.
  • Incentives are to be paid to the registered party name. If you are a sales rep registering as yourself and not your company, we ask that you obtain approval from your management.