Next Level Acoustics – Fusion Frame

Fusion Frame

The Fusion Frame was created by the master engineers at NextLevel Acoustics with only one goal in mind, provide a high-end framed audio solution for the Samsung “The Frame” series of displays.

At only 1.75″ of depth, not only does the Fusion Frame provide exceptional sound quality and room filling dynamics, but it perfectly complements the look and feel of what makes the Samsung “The Frame” series so popular.

Choose from a variety of framing color options including Black, White, Walnut, Teak, and Beige, as well as custom paint match. Also available in Stereo and Center Channel configurations.


Perfect soundbar for the Samsung Frame TV

Whether you like Caravaggio or Cronkite, J.M.W. Turner or Tina Turner, Netflix or Vudu, Tidal or Amazon Music, Samsung has the perfect TV for you and Next Level Acoustics has the perfect framed soundbar for it!

The Fusion Frame was created by the master engineers at Next Level Acoustics with one goal in mind- to provide a high-end framed audio solution for the 2019/2020 editions of Samsung’s revolutionary Frame TV series of displays.


Small form factor doesn’t mean small sound

When the Frame TV is on, it offers 4,000 pixels per square inch (in a package that is only 1.70” deep!) to deliver 4K images that rival real life. When it is off, the Frame TV turns into a home museum that displays top-quality images of some of the world’s greatest still-image artists.

Also exhibiting a diminutive 1.75″ of depth, this Frame TV soundbar solution not only provides exceptional sound quality and room-filling dynamics, but perfectly complements the look and feel of what has made the Samsung Frame TV series so popular.

In addition to matching the high-quality picture of the Frame TV with the top-of-the-line sound of the Fusion Frame soundbar, the Fusion Frame soundbar can also match any décor with a wide variety of available finishes that includes Black, White, Beige, and Walnut, as well as custom paint match and grille cloth options.


Don’t forget to add the Bass!

If you want even more sound, simply add Next Level Acoustics’ CI-IW10RS in-wall subwoofer to achieve even deeper bass response.


Revolutionary engineering meets design

Just as the Samsung Frame series has revolutionized the capabilities and capacities of art meets entertainment, NextLevel Acoustics’ Fusion Frame soundbar has taken audio to new heights in an aesthetically matching form factor.

So, whether you want to politely blow your friends away with your art collection or with the life-like images that are only capable with the Samsung Frame TV, be sure to pair it with exceptional audio produced only by the best soundbar for the Samsung Frame TV, the NextLevel Acoustic’s Fusion Frame soundbar- a speaker that is truly a work of art!