JVC Limited edition projector DLA-RS25LTD

 JVC Announces 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Laser Projector

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of its renowned D-ILA imaging device, JVC announced a limited edition projector with enhanced performance and special features.

The new limited edition DLA-25LTD achieves a native contrast of 150,000:1 by using carefully selected D-ILA chips and optical devices. In addition, it has a special exterior design and other features to commemorate the anniversary. Just 20 of these special models will be offered in the United States.

The D-ILA device, developed by JVC, is the company’s unique version of LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon), a reflective liquid crystal device for projectors. It is best known for having industry-leading black level and contrast, along with excellent color, high brightness and high resolution.

In 1997 JVC succeeded in developing the SXGA (1.3 million pixels) type, and in 2000 the company achieved 4K resolution. 0.7-inch full HD devices were developed in 2007. Furthermore, in 2016, JVC developed the world’s smallest (at the time) 0.69-inch 4K device. The company’s ongoing focus has been to achieve miniaturization and high contrast as a device for high-end projectors.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the D-ILA device, and to commemorate this anniversary JVC offers the DLA-25LTD as a limited edition of 20 units in the United States with special specifications.

The DLA-25LTD features a silver center plate with a logo and serial number commemorating the 25th anniversary of D-ILA, and has been assembled from carefully selected parts to achieve an increased native contrast ratio of 150,000:1.

Frame Adapt
HDR picture performance, additional Frame Adapt picture modes, a new mode for Laser Dynamic Control with the laser light source on laser-equipped models, and “FILMMAKER MODE™”, which faithfully reproduces the filmmaker’s intentions, among other features to enhance the user’s video experience and ease of use.

Current generation D-ILA projectors, which were released last year, have been highly acclaimed by enthusiasts seeking a high-quality home theater experience. All laser models benefit from a high definition 8K resolution display option via 8K e-shift, a high brightness laser light source, the latest 48Gbps HDMI connectivity supporting 8K/60 and 4K/120, and JVC’s exclusive Frame Adapt HDR, the only Dynamic Tone Mapping solution in the premium projector category. It provides state-of-the-art picture quality along with the easiest operation for the end user.

In addition, since July 2022, D-ILA projectors have been manufactured at their factory in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. This is the birthplace of D-ILA, and is also where D-ILA devices are produced.

DLA-25LTD Main Features

1. Native contrast of 150,000:1
Native contrast of 150,000:1 is achieved by combining carefully selected D-ILA devices and optical components.

2. 25th Anniversary Exclusive Exterior
To commemorate the 25th anniversary, a silver chrome-finished center plate is engraved with an exclusive logo and serial number. Also, the lens ring is anodized silver, exclusive to the limited edition model.

3. 25th Anniversary Special Opening Logo
The 25th anniversary commemorative logo is displayed when the projector is turned on.

4. 25th Anniversary Commemorative Plaque
A commemorative plaque containing a D-ILA element and engraved with a serial number will be presented separately.

5. 25th Anniversary Commemorative Jacket
A commemorative jacket embellished with a 25th anniversary D-ILA logo will be delivered separately.

6. Exclusive for JVC USA Customers: Professional Calibration Services by Kris Deering of Deep Dive AV. All DLA-25LTD projectors sold in the US will first be shipped to Kris Deering, one of the most respected calibrators in the industry, for custom calibration.

7. Five Year Warranty
JVC is proud to offer a 5-year parts & labor warranty on the DLA-25LTD.

MSRP $29,999.95