JVC Autocal Software calibration tips

JVC has the ability to auto calibrate their projectors using specific software and a colorimeter.

Our discussion forum (AVS Discussions) has a great tutorial and instructions on how to use the Autocal software.

Here’s a list of the topics being discussed:

Basic: How does the JVC Autocal work?
Basic: Which Meter to use?
Basic: Preparation
Basic: Calibration
Basic: Results
Basic: Troubleshooting
Basic: JVC HDR Auto-Tonemapping feature

Advanced: Main changes from previous versions:
Advanced: On/Off Contrast Measurements
Advanced: ANSI Contrast Measurements
Advanced: Factory Color profile measurements
Advanced: Detailed pre/post measurements for SDR Rec-709
Advanced: Detailed pre/post measurements for HDR BT-2020
Advanced: Detailed pre/post measurements for SDR BT-2020
Advanced: Detailed pre-post measurements for SDR DCI-P3
Advanced: Checking a Spyder 5 for accuracy
Advanced: Correcting the Spyder’s errors with a reference meter
Advanced: Using Custom Color profiles (and profiles to download)
Advanced: Manual Gamma Calibration
Advanced: Using Custom Gamma Curves
Advanced: Using a Vertex/Maestro and the JVC Macro feature
Advanced: Using a 3D LUT for Reference Calibration after the Autocal
Advanced: Reserved
Advanced: Reserved
Advanced: To Do List and Various Notes

Visit our online forum to read this tutorial at AVS Discussions

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