DreamScreen Ultraweave V7screen fabric

Innovation by The Power of 4

For the development of our 7th generation UltraWeave we had a clear mission;

  • Utilize our patented multiple layered principle in order to increase gain levels
  • Retain the ultra matte characteristics of a perfectly performing unity gain type of screen.
  • Keep the acoustical transparency at the highest possible level.


Our solution to this challenge was to have four screen layers. One front ultra-fine woven layer, and three more layers of knitted fabrics in different layouts and configurations.

True innovation by The Power of 4!

Ultraweave v7 layer construction


Now patented!
The unique technique used to produce the UltraWeave v7 has now been approved by both the US Patent and Trademark office as well as the European Patent Office, EPO. You’re getting a truly unique product that’s the result of more than ten years of extensive research and development.

Acoustically Transparent
Average audio loss less than 3.3 db – sound passes efficiently.

Smooth Finish
Ultra HD V6 Screen Material has a superb matte surface without any speckle or reflective artifacts. This makes it suited for 8K and Beyond.

Matte White
The Ultra HD v7 fabric is matte white with a true .93 Gain, meaning light will bounce off the fabric in a uniform manner. This ensures that the image appears perfectly lit throughout the screen area for the entire audience.

Accurate Color
The Screen Acoustics Ultra HD v7 has been carefully tuned to make certain as much light as possible is maintained from the projector when calibrated to 6500K. You get accurate color with no color shifting.

Four Layer Construction
The integrated black backing in addition to increasing perceived contrast, absorbs excessive light, preventing halos. This multi layer construction is very unique and protected by a patent.

v7 fabric closeup

Closeup comparison

The above comparison includes the v7 at the top, a micro-perforated PVC fabric to the left, and the tightest single-layered woven screen fabric we have found to date.

Ultraweave v7 black backing

UltraWeave v7 includes integrated black backing

The bonded construction insures that no blooming effect becomes apparent.

Stray light is effectively taken care of, so that objects in the back of the screen, such as wooden studs, speakers etc., will not be visible through the fabric.

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