Screen Innovations Zero-G



Designed to give the television experience but at a much larger scale, Zero-G can be deployed in places where a rigid TV cannot.

Screen Innovations Solo Pro 2


Solo Pro 2

Solo Pro is the smallest motorized screen family on the planet. Tired of black & white? With 12 designer-selected colors options, you can match Solo Pro to your wall color or make it stand out!

Screen Innovations Solo 2


Solo 2

The biggest little screen ever made. Cassette Color: Clear Anodized Effect

Screen Innovations 5 Motorized


5 Motorized

Custom Tab-Tensioned Motorized Projection Screen. For the best motorized big screen experience, 5 Series Motorized is available in flush (in-ceiling) or external (wall) mount options, giving our users the flexibility to install their system in a wide variety of locations.

Screen Innovations 3 Motorized


3 Motorized

Advanced Tab-Tensioned Motorized Screen. With features like direct cut tab-tensioning, and ultra-fine grit materials, these affordable screens are still more advanced than any other motorized screens.

Screen Innovations Zero Edge Pro


Zero Edge Pro

Thin, Backlit, Beautiful. Finally, a screen that is truly custom. With nearly any option imaginable, Zero Edge Pro can be customized for a perfect fit in your space.

Screen Innovations Zero Edge


Zero Edge

The Original Zero Edge Projection Screen. When introduced, Zero Edge became the world’s first fixed frame screen intended to be incorporated into the design of a room.

Screen Innovations 1 Fixed


1 Fixed

The Classic Big Screen Experience. The 1 Series Fixed screens are available out of the box with standard sizes to make the product not only value-oriented but also give it the capability to be quickly produced and fulfilled.

Screen Innovations 3 Fixed


3 Fixed

Classic Frame Projection Screen. One of the most difficult things to do as a manufacturer is to provide high-quality product at affordable prices. 3 Series Fixed meets both of those objectives and gives the “every day man” access to the big screen experience.

Screen Innovations 5 Fixed


5 Fixed

Custom Classic Frame Projection Screen. The 5 Series Fixed projector screens set the standard for high-end fixed screens and are supported by a wide array of 8K rated and acoustically transparent materials.

Screen Innovations 7 Fixed


7 Fixed

Classic screen with our highest performing optic. 7 Series Fixed with Black Diamond®, introduced in 2008, has been an industry success story and set the still unmatched standard that our competition strives for. The 3.5” fixed frames receive a fine velvet material ensuring a distraction-free viewing experience.

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