Bring the Theater to Your Living Room

Tower speakers

take your home entertainment system to new heights with RBH’s tower speakers, they provide audiophile-grade performance and unprecedented value. All towers are built with furniture-grade cabinetry and are internally-braced to minimize destructive resonance. Most models are available in custom veneer finishes.

Sound Bar

The Ultra Series speakers are the answer to many installation conundrums. It’s sleek, contemporary design with magnetic inset black fabric grille complements most any décor.

At only 1-5/8-inches thick it fits almost anywhere you can pull a wire through a wall. The pull-through ez-wire terminal cup makes connection a breeze. Add the features of either traditional mounting using the installed steel keyhole cups in back, or the super-fast and very secure direct-from-front screw-through mounts easily and quickly installed. Ultra Series speakers provide true and clear RBH sound quality in locations previously unobtainable.



LCR/center channel speakers are a critical part of any home theater system. Typically placed above or below the screen, and reproduces almost all of a movie’s dialogue and a good portion of the special effects we love



In-wall speakers



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