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The Choice of Professionals

When you enjoy a blockbuster movie, listen to a Grammy award winning music recording or watch a music performance on TV, the odds are good you are hearing sound produced with M&K loudspeakers. M&K speakers are used in hundreds of film, music and TV studios, including some of the best-known and most successful studios of all time.  

Hear What the Pros Hear

Professionals choose M&K loudspeakers and subwoofers because of their incredible realism, precision and high dynamic impact. If you seek the most authentic listening experience and want to experience the producer’s full artistic vision, choose M&K speakers for your audio system.

M&K S300 THX Select 2 Monitor

M&K Sound

S-300 THX Select 2 Monitor

Building on the strengths of the studios choice, the iconic S150, the new S300 provides even greater detail and insight into music and surround soundtracks. Designed for the highest fidelity mixing and post production facilities, it is equally suited for use in state of the art home cinema applications.

M&K S300T Tripole

M&K Sound


M&K Sound invented the Tripole speaker configuration to do what no conventional surround loudspeaker can do. The installation of side and/or rear mounted S300T's enhances the solidity and pin-point placement of rear channel events such as fly-overs, voices, effects, music etc., as well as the realism of the ambient sound field.

M&K S150 THX

M&K Sound

S-150 THX Miller & Kreisel® Monitor

The new Miller & Kreisel S150 redefines sound quality and performance. The S150 is still the speaker to beat when it comes to reference monitors for professional cinema sound design or stereo recording. The new Miller & Kreisel S150 builds upon that impressive legacy by updating the design with new acoustic technology refinements.

M&K S150T Tripole

M&K Sound

S150T Miller & Kreisel® TRIPOLE

Side or rear mounted speakers in a multi-channel audio system pose a radically different set of performance challenges relative to conventional stereo systems, because surround speakers are typically positioned much closer to the listener and deliver sound to the ears from very different angles. The proprietary M&K Sound Tripole configuration, essentially two speakers mounted in a single cabinet, is the first and only technology to effectively address these major issues to deliver both image specificity and an enveloping surround field, without compromise.

M&K SUR95T Tripole

M&K Sound

SUR-95T Tripole

The Timbre matched SUR95T Tripole are perfectly matched to the LCR950 Series. Featured with 2 side drivers to operate in dipole fashion, the side drivers emit diffuse sound throughout the room, and combined with the front mounted 1" professional wave guide dome tweeter and 5.25" woofer, the Tripole design provides even distribution at the listening area with pin point accuracy, and an enveloping sound field.


M&K Sound

LCR750-MKII THX Select

The NEW Miller & Kreisel 750 Series takes the THX Select category to new a level and introduces a true acoustic upgrade, in the form of customized Danish designed and produced tweeters.

M&K SUR55T Tripole

M&K Sound

SUR-55T Tripole

The SUR55T is the most compact THX Tripole solution M&K offers and is timbre matched to any of the 750 Series speakers. Featuring two 3" mid-tweeters on each side of the speaker oriented in dipole fashion, combined with the front-mounted 1" soft-dome tweeter and a 5.25" mid woofer direct radiating, the SUR55T provides even distribution of sound throughout the listening area with pinpoint accuracy and an enveloping soundfield.

M&K M70

M&K Sound

M70 Compact Bookshelf

The décor-friendly On-Wall design gives the customers the flexibility for an easy and simple installation where performance and esthetic are the core elements. The ultra slim, low-profile enclosure is the benchmark for the NEW M Series. Designed specifically for direct On-Wall mounting and is fitted with integral rear panel brackets, along with specially designed damping pads to ensure easy and vibration-free installation. All mounting accessories is included providing a simple and hassle-free installation

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