Anamorphic Lens or Projector Zoom?

 Anamorphic Lens or Projector Zoom?

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For a true Ultra Wide experience, pair your projector with a Panamorph lens for maximum performance and ultimate immersion. Pressing a button on your remote lets you change from 16:9 to ultra wide 2.35:1 instantly when you have a Panamorph fixed lens system.

16:9 image

Standard 16:9 letterbox image projected on a 2.35:1 screen (1920 x 810 pixels). 270 rows of pixels are lost to create the black letterbox bars.


Projector anamorphic mode

Activate all 1080 x 1920 pixels by turning on the anamorphic aspect mode in your projector, utilizing the entire projector chip (image appears stretched).


Panamorph lens expansion

With the Panamorph lens in place, the image expands horizontally allowing for higher brightness and Full 1080p HD resolution without the black letterbox bars.


The Zoom Method

Zoom uses 25% FEWER pixels to fill 80% MORE screen area, resulting in a dimmer image without full 1080p resolution. The “black bars” end up being projected onto the wall above and below the screen. This can be quite distracting as the light falling onto the wall is quite noticeable in many installations. Plus, zoom is typically slow switching between 2.35:1 and 16:9 and the memory may not always recall to the same size and position.

Standard 16:9 imageStandard 16:9 letterbox image (1920 x 810 pixels). 270 rows of pixels or 25% of the pixels are lost to create the black letterbox bars.


Projector zoomUsing the zoom method, this lower resolution 1920 x 810 image is simply expanded to fill the 2.35:1 screen, sacrificing image brightness and full 1080P resolution.


Projector zoom overscanThe black letterbox bars end up falling onto the wall above and below the screen. In addition to being rather distracting, the subtitles and pop-up menu are now displayed on the wall.

A Panamorph anamorphic lens gives you 33% more pixels, a 30% brighter image, and full 1080P.

Panamorph lens benefits

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