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Seymour Screen ExcellenceSeymour-Screen Excellence’s screens are the most advanced acoustically transparent (A.T.) screens available today. Using proprietary Enlightor™ 2 and 4K woven screen fabrics, they provide a flawless picture quality, finally enabling you to get the best from both your projector and your sound system. With 10 to 100 times more holes per square inch than perforated vinyl screens, Seymour-Screen Excellence’s fabrics can support resolutions past 4K, do not have a minimum seating distance, do not moiré, and do not require you to compensate with EQ. No longer will your theater suffer from having the most critical speaker in the room – the center channel – located near the floor and non-identical to your main channels.

Seymour-Screen Excellence offers more sophisticated extrusions, the darkest velvet in the world – Infinite Black™ – quieter motors and patented design features.

Fixed Screens

Seymour Screen Excellence Fixed ScreenSeymour-Screen Excellence’s screen fabrics are held under permanent tension by a rigid aluminum frame that combines a boldness in design, strength to span 250″ without sag, yet remaining narrow enough to fit into any decor at sizes down to 70″ wide. The 3.7″ wide frame is coated in our Infinite Black velvet which absorbs 99.7% of the incident light, creating the perfect black border. Included in every Reference Fixed screen is an acoustically transparent black backing layer for those applications where the surfaces behind the screen can’t be painted black.

Rather than using more conventional snaps the Enlightor fabric is affixed to the frame by means of a self tensioning groove system. Once locked in place its tensioning ensures the fabric is evenly supported and free of ripples. The Reference Fixed frame screen guarantees a perfectly flat projection surface.


Seymour Screen Excellence VistaCurveSeymour-Screen Excellence’s VistaCurve™ projection screens have been designed to provide the perfect match to images projected through an anamorphic lens. Ideal cinematic projection is achieved only with CinemaScope aspect ratio, which is the format adopted for production of most large-budget films. The unique immersion provided by the widescreen imaging is further enhanced by a curved screen, as the edges of the screen define a more lifelike and enveloping space.

Perfectly correlated to the panamorphic projection, the VistaCurve offers four different radii to match the actual size of the screen.  The VistaCurve screens are only for use with an anamorphic lens in order to correct for geometric distortion and to improve imersion.

Cutting edge ISF-certified Enlightor 4K is provided as standard with VistaCurve screens, for a no-compromise Home Theater performance. Once seen, the VistaCurve is a screen you won’t want to live without.


Seymour Screen Excellence motorized screenSeymour-Screen Excellence’s electrically retractable screens are the only retractable screens in the world that feature a fabric velvet border. With multiple times more light-absorbing power, our Infinite Black™ velvet borders perfectly absorb the overscan pixels and frame your image with a sharp, high-contrast edge. Using patented design features, Seymour’s retractables also feature a stealth tab system, hiding the side tension cables behind the Infinite Black velvet borders so the screens don’t have huge width penalty or hourglass shape. With their industry exclusive velvet, your screen will have additional flexibility in how you frame different aspect ratios, such as 1.85 content on a 16:9 screen, or 2.40 content on a 2.37 screen.

The 5.8″ high x 5.5″ deep extruded aluminum case is finished in your choice of black, white or custom colors. The case can accommodate either on-ceiling or on-wall mounting with the included one-piece DIN mounting rail.

With quiet 120v Gen4 4-wire motors and the optional external control box, actuating the screen can be accomplished with wall switches, infrared (IR) receivers, Vdc triggers, radio frequency (RF) receivers, or several other special order options.

True Aspect Masking

Seymour Screen Excellence masking screenImaging is optimum when the projected image is exactly bordered by our Infinite Black™ velvet borders, providing a significant contrast enhancement together with a real focus on the image. With the varying aspect ratios of movies, the True Aspect Masking screen masks to adjust the black borders of the image to its actual size.

The True Aspect Masking screen is an acoustically transparent projection screen using the Enlightor 4K screen fabric, provided with automated masks controlled electronically for a complete, versitile masking with any home automation system. It can also be simply controlled by IR or RF remotes.

The constant height (CH) screen uses two independent lateral acoustically transparent masks. It is therefore the ideal match with anamorphic lenses which expand a 16:9 native aspect ratio to 2.37.

Exclusive to Seymour-Screen Excellence is that the frame width is exactly the same (3.7″) as the Reference Fixed frame screens, due to it utilizing the same frame profile. Only a slightly rearward extension hides the motor and masking assemblies, with the total depth being 5.5″. When comparing automated masking screens, Seymour-Screen Excellence’s TAM screens are the sleekest, most sophisticated available anywhere.


Seymour-Screen Excellence combines the most innovative screen materials in Europe and the US. The core screen materials are the highest gain, fine weave screen material available anywhere – the Enlightor™ 2 – (on the left) and the ultra-fine weave, ISF certified Enlightor 4K (on the right), the only material developed specifically for resolutions beyond 4K.

Seymour Screen Excellence Enlightor 2 materialSeymour Screen Excellence Enlightor 4K material










Unlike perforated vinyl screens which are ~90% non-acoustically transparent, all Enlightor screen materials are designed to allow the audio to pass through the screen with an almost inaudible attenuation and no comb filtering or lobing.  With vinyl screens (left illustration), most of the sound is reflected backwards, reflecting against the rear wall and back to the rear of the screen with a delay.  While the vinyl screen makers require you to use EQ to compensate for their frequency response problems,  comb filtering, lobing and reflections caused by their screens cannot be compensated for electronically because the effects are different across different seating angles.  With a woven material designed for acoustical transparency (right illustration), the sound waves are diffracted around the threads.  The Enlightor-2 only smoothly absorbs the top octave with a nearly inaudible effect.  The Enlightor-4K has no phase or frequency effect with a completely correctable flat 2dB level change.  Seymour’s success replacing vinyl screens in mastering studios reinforces the advancements we’re bringing to home and commercial cinema.

Enlightor 2  Gain 1.1, Standard fine-weave material for larger screens, grommet screens, or where seating at 11 feet or further.  The highest gain woven AT screen material available anywhere, used in the world’s most prestigious film production companies.  Audio measurements below (90dB is -0dBA)

Seymour Screen Excellence Enlightor 2 graph


Enlightor 4K  Gain 0.98, Premium ultra fine-weave, ISF-certified material for smaller screens, or where seating is 11 feet or closer.  The only woven material in the world designed and certified for perfect color and 4K resolutions.  This is also the only acoustically transparent screen available that has no frequency effect.  A -2dB flat level change is automatically corrected for via standard level calibrations.  Audio measurements below (90dB is -0dBA)

Seymour Screen Excellence Enlightor 4K graph

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